Business Times of Edmond, Oklahoma May 2018 - Page 15

New mothers can purchase More Milk Cookies in the Mercy I-35 Cafe. PHOTO BY KRISTY STURGILL Now she is running her cookie business, managing a household, taking care of her four kids and she owns a rent house. “I spent the last year transitioning from having a storefront to just running the business online and having the cookies in other retail locations. I do not have to be as aggressive in my business because I do not have the same overhead,” she said. The cookies started as a solution to her problem of having a packed schedule and the need to improve her nutrition and increase her calorie consumption. Soon, she was selling them to friends who just had babies, and her product exploded in popularity. “Everyone is eager to try them to see if it helps them produce more milk because it’s encouraging to see more production when you think you can’t go anymore,” she said. “Not only do they work, but they also taste good, and that was the beginning of this business.” Boughman said for most mothers, there is a time when milk production dips after their schedule changes or stress increases, and the right diet might help. She also said the cookies are nutritious, with high-quality ingredients and a healthy option for busy moms. “Most people just love the way they taste. You don’t have to hold your nose to eat it. The taste is good, the flavor is good, and a lot of moms hide them from their kids and husband, so they don’t take them,” Boughman said. “It’s really exciting when they see an increase when they pump, and they have an extra ounce or two of milk.” Boughman’s mission isn’t about cookies; it’s about supporting moms. “The cookies are just one piece of the solution to helping mothers address breastfeeding issues. I focused on the last two years making financial donations to companies that support moms. Not all moms breastfeed, and there are really good reasons why people choose not to, and I just want to be supporting and encouraging to moms all over,” she said. Boughman said having children can be isolating. “Sometimes it is harder to feel like you are not alone on an island. Nursing is one of those things that can make other people, or you, feel uncomfortable and stuck in the house all the time, and that’s hard. It is hard to do all the things moms do and not feel like you’re alone,” she said. “Sometimes, I see a nursing mother, and I just give them a cookie as a way to say, ‘hey, I am nursing too.’” She wants the cookies to be a treat for mothers struggling through difficult phases of breastfeeding. “Most of the time, if you set a goal and commit to it, you can do it, but the first two weeks are the hardest time,” she said. “I think a lot of people don’t realize how hard it will be.” Boughman recommends having a pumping station with water, food, and something to read so mothers can make the best time of the day to sit and relax. “It is a sacrifice, but it is so good for you and good for your baby. I really nursed the longest with my last son, and he is the most cuddly of our four children,” she said. “Grab on to whatever motivates you to keep going. I have moms tell me that one of their favorite things to come home to is time with their baby at night breastfeeding and eating their cookies. If you are having trouble, speak with a lactation consultant.” More Milk Cookies are available at several retail outlets in Oklahoma. In Edmond, they can be found at the Mercy I-35 Cafe, Millie’s Table, and Okie Kids Playground. In Oklahoma City, they are available at Mercy Hospital - Gifts of Mercy, and Thrive Mama Collective. They are also at B Hip Kids in Enid, and Doyle Chiropractic and Family Wellness in Yukon. The cookies are $16 for a dozen, and they come in a resealable bag. While they have a 60-day shelf life, Boughman said most of her customers like to eat them in about a week. Mothers can also purchase the cookies online at, and Boughman offers free local deliveries. “I enjoy meeting mothers on their lunch break when they call to get cookies. I am happy to have the time and margin to deliver,” she said. May 2018 | The Business Times 15