Business Times of Edmond, Oklahoma May 2018 - Page 14

Melany Boughman created More Milk Cookies to help nursing mothers have the calories and nutrition they need to support milk production. PHOTO BY KRISTY STURGILL Cookies Designed with Nursing Moms in Mind BY KRISTY STURGILL Increasing caloric intake and getting the right nutrition is hard for new mothers who struggle to find a balance between feeding or pumping and other priorities, so Melany Boughman created a cookie perfect for on-the-go moms wanting to reach their breastfeeding goals. “I’m really hungry when I am nursing, and after I had my fourth child, I had a goal to breastfeed longer. My schedule is every bit of demanding as it had been in the past, but the cookies gave me something good to reach for rather than something bad,” Boughman said. “I credit the cookies for being able to reach my goal. They are portable and easy to grab, and having that convenience helped a lot.” More Milk Cookies are not just delicious treats, but they also contain galactagogues, which studies show help promote milk production for a nursing mother, according to Boughman. The treat is nutty, sweet and soft, and tastes like a cross between a granola bar and a traditional chocolate chip cookie. Each cookie is made with flaxseed, oatmeal, brewers yeast, creamy peanut butter, whole-wheat flour, eggs and chocolate chips. Boughman said the cookies are doctor approved and do not contain high fructose corn syrup, trans fat, colors or preservatives. Each cookie is 140 calories, which is great for nursing mothers because they can burn 500 to 700 calories a day just breastfeeding. Boughman is a baker, and she owned a cupcake bakery for several years before launching More Milk Cookies. “I love to bake, especially cookies, and I have always been an entrepreneur,” she said. “I sold the bakery two years ago after having a storefront for six years, but managing it with four kids was just too much.” 14 May 2018 | The Business Times