Business Times of Edmond, Oklahoma May 2018 - Page 13

Logan stores his beehives at several locations including property north of Guthrie where today he and his sons operate a deer operation. “In 1984 we started looking for a place to hunt and fish and a place to put bees on,” Logan said. “We ran across this property of 320 acres and bought it.” Logan said a neighbor wanted to bale hay off the property and in lieu of paying money, they traded for deer.  “We got involved in the deer business,” Logan said. “We put fence up and started selling deer to restaurants. We sold to the Coach House, Deep Fork, Petroleum Club and we would sell out. We started increasing our deer and then my bees started picking up. I started increasing my beehives.” Logan said he keeps all of his beehives on trailers.  “I keep everything on trailers so I can be mobile when I need to be,” Logan said. “I do all my extracting at my home.” Logan said he plans on scaling back his operations. “I am a one man operation,” Logan said. “I have started to cut back. I hope to quit the honey business in 2021.” Logan said he plans to keep some beehives for himself.  “It has worked out real well,” he said. “Honey is liquid gold.” For more information about Honey Hill Farm call 405-341-5499. Welcome to Edmond We are a Catholic Christian Community, called to be faithful, caring, enthusiastic disciples. We build up the Kingdom of God by worshipping and praising God, proclaiming the Good News of Jesus Christ in word and witness, giving loving service to our neighbor and strengthening the parish community. 900 S. Littler • 340-0691 May the Lord’s Peace be with you in 2018! May 2018 | The Business Times 13