Business Times of Edmond, Oklahoma July 2018 - Page 6

I t’s a unique part of the American Dream. Owning your own business can bring a sense of satisfaction like no other. It can also be a roller coaster ride, with bumps and bruises along the way. From the smallest boutique to the family owned business that’s now buying up other like businesses, Americans are making their mark as independent business owners. The American Independent Business Alliance celebrates Independents Week from July 1-7. The idea is to engage local, independent businesses and community members in celebrating the spirit of entrepreneurism and community. The Business Times of Edmond decided to celebrate this month of America’s independence by highlighting those who are finding new ways to prosper and make a difference in the community. This month, we are featuring nine local, independent businesses as examples, while acknowledging there are many more success stories waiting to be told. These nine businesses range from very small, family operations to those that have grown into major employers in the area, but still maintain their family roots. They all share the independent, entrepreneurial spirit that gave each of them their start. We salute all of the independent businesses in Edmond and hope you enjoy reading about how these nine businesses got started. 6 July 2018 | The Business Times