Business Times of Edmond, Oklahoma July 2018 - Page 24

BUSINESS MATTERS MIKE CRANDALL P rofessional G rowth S olutions How Winners Learn (A Dirty Little Secret) “ W hat truly separates the best from the rest?” “What is one trick I can do to shortcut to greater success?” “How did they do that, when I (or others) did not?” Often as a coach, speaker and author on Motivation and Success I get asked questions like this. Whenever I get asked these questions, my answer is always the same — and most people hate the answer. From our work in Development, Learning, and Success Building we know that there are really three types of people in the world. Those three groups are Winners, At-Leasters, and Non-Winners (aka Losers). These are not groups where you get to say what you want to be, instead they are a reflection of what and how you do things. As well as how you react/respond to other people and things. As you can imagine there are countless differences in these groups. If we look specifically at how these groups differentiate themselves from a Learning and Development standpoint we find a very specific reason Winners are Winners, and the others are not. If we start from the other end with Non- Winners, or Losers, these people typically do not learn anything new from anyone. 24 July 2018 | The Business Times They already think they know it all and either navigate life with too much ego or too much ignorance to ever truly grow. At-Leasters do learn and grow; however, they are super specific in who and what they learn. They only learn if they already believe they can learn from a certain person and only believe what they can learn. They navigate life making choices on who they think is good enough, famous enough, etc. to learn from. Winners on the other hand navigate learning in a totally different way — they go through life learning all sorts of things from almost everyone and everything around them. As an example — we have a Winner, an At-Leasters, and a Non-Winner (Loser) at a restaurant. All three experience the same host/hostess, same table, same environment, same server, same meal, etc. The Non-Winners does not pay attention because they do not believe they can get anything (other than their meal) from this experience. The At-Leasters will only take away learning if they went in convinced that the restaurant was already the best or in a unique group. However, the Winner would learn things to do, and things not to do from every step and detail of the entire experience. Obviously, you can see how one group will always Out-Pace, Out-Learn, and then Out-Grow the others. This is a Dirty Little Secret on how Winners become Winners — they always learn from everything, everyone and every experience around them. This allows them to continually find little nuggets and pearls of wisdom to keep Moving, Stretching, Improving and Growing. Now let me ask — what group are your people in, how about the group you are in? Are you losing opportunities because you don’t have enough Winners on your team? If you do not know with 100-percent — think about how much it is costing you? If you don’t know or don’t like the answers — find a Business Growth Consultant who can help. MIKE CRANDALL lives in Edmond. He is a consultant, coach, trainer, speaker and author focused on the Subconscious Psychology of Human Interaction and Motivation. His firm specializes in sales, management and leadership development for proactive business growth. Mike is based in Oklahoma and serves visionary clients across the United States. He can be reached at or 405-844-1700. For more information, go online to