Business Times of Edmond, Oklahoma July 2018 - Page 16

Nelson Law Firm owners attorney Richard A. Nelson offers expertise in disability and personal injury, and Karen Nelson provides expertise in Social Security disability claims. Law Firm Owners Say You Can Have a Big Impact on a Person’s Life BY VAN MITCHELL | PHOTOS BY KAREN MOORE W hen Richard A. Nelson was licensed to practice law in 1981 he knew it could be challenging financially until he found the area of law in which he wanted to focus. “When you start your own business you will take anything that walks in the door,” he said. “Through the years we have transformed from a general practice into what we do now, which is Social Security and limited personal injury claims.” Nelson Law Office is located at 111 North Broadway in Edmond. He has practiced law for more than 35 years and is joined by his wife Karen and daughter Jessica. Nelson said they primarily focus on 16 July 2018 | The Business Times handling Social Security disability claims and personal injury claims. Mrs. Nelson, who is not an attorney, works with clients on securing their Social Security claims. “You don’t need to be an attorney to represent someone before the Social Security Administration,” Nelson said. Mrs. Nelson said she decided to focus on Social Security disability claims after seeing the impact it made on a client’s life. “We had a lady that came to us on a worker’s comp case in the 1990s,” she said. “She was janitor and was tied up and pistol whipped and left for dead. We sent her to get a rating by a doctor for her worker’s comp case. He said she was 100-percent disabled but it wasn’t from her injuries. She has Parkinson’s. That’s how we got started.” Mrs. Nelson said that client’s disability claims were initially denied, but she continued pushing forward before a judicial hearing and eventually won. She said that experience drove her to learn as much as she could about Social Security. “I decided to learn everything I could about Social Security,” she said. “There was a local group I joined. I watched continuing legal education courses. It just grew from there. Their fate is in our hands and they are looking for a favorable outcome.” Mrs. Nelson even became involved