Business Times of Edmond, Oklahoma July 2018 - Page 11

“Someone needs to thank them for being responsible because no one else is going to,” he said. He said sometimes it’s hard for patrons, especially before Uber because the community doesn’t have a large supply of street cars or busses. “Uber has been a godsend. Before people had the option to call an Uber, too many of them would roll the dice and try to drive home,” Wolf said. He implemented his coupon idea about 10 years ago. He also runs advertisements about not drinking and driving to raise awareness and teach people that there is always another option. One trend Wolf has noticed in recent years is patrons are increasing their drinking knowledge, meaning they are ordering more sophisticated drinks compared to previous decades when most everyone just wanted a beer. “When I first opened up, people in Oklahoma were not really used to drinking alcohol, so they would drink beer and buy a shot of Schnapps to boost their buzz,” he said. “Now, they have better knowledge of drinking. They are more selective. Experience is a good teacher, and everyone is learning from each other by observing. I’ve also noticed they are more interested in craft beers or high-end liquors.” Overall, Wolf’s main priorities is running a clean and safe bar, everything else is just extra fun. Wolftrap is open every day from 4 p.m. to 2 a.m., and it’s located at 1109 S. Broadway. July 2018 | The Business Times 11