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One teacher at The Language Center uses a conversation on the difference between extroversion and introversion to practice English. whether its business, whether you’re working in international work, whether you’re doing mission work, whether you’re doing music or dance or teaching, or whatever it is, I believe that if you are able to connect with someone through their language that it breaks so many barriers,” Morgan said. While the organization is experimenting with new language programs, the core mission of The Language Center remains the same: to be a “globally-minded organization that provides English as a Second Language instruction and cultural opportunities to individuals who are seeking educational, professional and personal enrichment.” “For the last 35 years we have provided programs that help students that are international,” Morgan said. “Most of our locations are on host university campuses like UCLA, and they’re coming because they want to be able to meet the requirements to go on to an American university.” The Language Center also offers specialized programs like petroleum English and rodeo English. These students are learning industry-specific terms so they can be successful in their educational programs and future or current work environments. “Another very popular program is helping international students who want TLC-Edmond welcomed 30 Panamanian students in Session 5 for English and a semester abroad at University of Central Oklahoma. to teach English in their countries. This is something I’ve found we specialize in because we can not only prepare them for their education here, but also then they can come back to our program to practice or complete practicum hours. It gives them a truly bilingual experience, so they feel more confident as teachers.” Robbie Scott, the director and homestay coordinator of the Edmond campus, said the school works with students in four- week increments. The program consists of nine levels with one being the lowest and nine being the highest. Every four weeks, the program begins the next level. “Some of the students will be able to advance to the next level, and some may need to repeat the level,” Scott said. The programs also delve into facets of the culture in the U.S. as well as classroom culture. “Sometimes we talk fast, and we’re always going to talk a lot faster than they can probably keep up with. Part of that is helping them to know in this culture it is okay to raise your hand and ask questions,” Morgan said. Scott said many members of the Edmond community directly partner with the company by participating in the homestay program. In fact, Scott started working with The Language Center as a host family. “We’re from Ada, Oklahoma. Our kids weren’t exposed to a lot of diversity, and we knew we would not be able to travel the world. We thought, ‘well we will bring the world to us,’” she said. “The very first student that we hosted was a young lady from Japan, and nobody told us how hard it would be to say goodbye. We get down to the gate, and that girl has stuck to us like Velcro. She’s crying, and we’re crying. The families fall in love with the students, and the students fall in love with the family.” Homestay families are compensated for their participation to cover expenses like gasoline, additional food and housing; however, the program has specific requirements such as providing a private bedroom. To learn more about The Language Center programs, visit or call 405-715-9996. August 2018 | The Business Times 9