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ED M O N D, O K L AHO MA AUGUST 2018 GENERAL MANAGER VOL.10 | NO. 8 INSIDE 2018 Lance Moler EDITOR Mark Codner SALES TEAM Terri Bohanan Nancy Sade CONTRIBUTING Lance Moler WRITERS AND Mike Crandall PHOTOGRAPHERS Jim Denton Nick Massey Patty Miller Van Mitchell Tim Priebe Karen Moore Kristy Sturgill 6 8 CONNECTING CULTURES: HOW THE LANGUAGE CENTER EXPANDED ITS PROGRAMS TO INCLUDE OPPORTUNITIES FOR AMERICAN CHILDREN From every corner of the globe, professionals and students alike choose to start their experience in the United States at an English Language learning facility, and near University of Central Oklahoma, The Language Center has provided services to international students since the 1980s. FINE ARTS INSTITUTE OF EDMOND AS A CREATIVE ENVIRONMENT FOR THE COMMUNITY Miss your Business Times? Call 341-2121 to get on our mailing list. Thanks! The Business Times is a monthly publication of The Edmond Sun devoted to business in the Edmond area. All rights reserved. Copyright © August 2018. LEARNING PERSONAL FINANCE, ECONOMICS IS NOW REQUIRED Oklahoma previously passed a law requiring students learn about personal finance before they graduate high school. And, the Oklahoma Council on Economic Education (OCEE), the leading organization in Oklahoma that focuses on the economic and financial education of students from kindergarten through high school, has been helping teachers achieve this through professional development workshops. 14 Shannon Price knew Mitzi Hancuff helped set the standard of success for the Fine Arts Institute of Edmond, located at 27 E. Edwards Street. And she wanted to extend that success when she took over as the program executive from Hancuff five years ago. BALLROOM ON BROADWAY ‘BALLROOM DANCING IS FOR EVERYBODY’ 20 It’s never too late to learn how to dance, and Ballroom on Broadway provides aspiring dancers new opportunities to reach their goals. “I like to see how excited my students get when they figure out something new, and I like seeing the confidence that dancing gives them. Once you’ve learned how to carry yourself on the dance floor it improves other aspects of life,” said Shelby Rothell- Jafari, co-owner of Ballroom on Broadway. August 2018 | The Business Times 3