Business Times of Edmond, Oklahoma August 2018 - Page 23

Thoomazo is run by Seth Reiter, a former engineer who says he loves his job. Seth is a graduate of Oklahoma Christian University with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. He is in charge of website development, quality assurance, and safety for their providers. When asked about the importance of Thoomazo, this is what Seth said: “To me, Thoomazo offers an excellent way for students to get plugged into the OC community. They can simultaneously use their talents to create value while cultivating relationships with alumni and members of the community. I believe OC students hold themselves to a high standard, and there’s a level of trust built into our community. Thoomazo offers a way for students and alumni to take advantage of this unique relationship.” THOOMAZO OFFERS... Music lessons • Tutoring Auto Wash/Detail Auto & Home Repair Yard Services • House Cleaning Baby Sitting Dog Grooming & Walking “It is Kevin’s brainchild,” Lankford said. “He is really big about giving back and helping students in the community. He came up with the idea to connect students with OC alumni.” Seth Reiter, a 2016 OC graduate, manages the day-to-day program. “We needed to find someone who could take it and run with it,” Lankford said. Reiter said Thoomazo is a play off the Greek-word for amazed or marvel. “Our goal is to provide amazing services,” he said. Reiter said Thoomazo allows a smooth transition of connecting students with clients. “The user submits an order and the student submits their offer on the order,” he said. “The user can accept or make a counter-offer, the student finishes the job and clicks complete and the user pays,” he said. “Payments are split 80/20 with the student and the rest going for Thoomazo infrastructure and advertising. Payments can be made through Stripe which allows card payments to be processed and fees taken automatically.” Lankford said they hope to expand the program to the Oklahoma City metro area. “The idea is connect students to alumni and friends of alumni,” he said. “We are also reaching out to the Edmond community and the greater Oklahoma City area right now. We are creating work opportunities for young people while meeting the needs of the community.” The web-based app can be found at or you can submit an order by calling 405-757-7424. The user can set up an account either through the app itself or their Facebook account. Welcome to Edmond We are a Catholic Christian Community, called to be faithful, caring, enthusiastic disciples. We build up the Kingdom of God by worshipping and praising God, proclaiming the Good News of Jesus Christ in word and witness, givi