Business Times of Edmond, Oklahoma August 2018 - Page 20

Dadbeh Jafari often competes with his student Kristi Pitzer in ballroom dancing competitions across the country. Ballroom on Broadway Ballroom Dancing is for Everybody STORY & PHOTOS BY KRISTY STURGILL I t’s never too late to learn how to dance, and Ballroom on Broadway provides aspiring dancers new opportunities to reach their goals. “I like to see how excited my students get when they figure out something new, and I like seeing the confidence that dancing gives them. Once you’ve learned how to carry yourself on the dance floor it improves other aspects of life,” said Shelby Rothell-Jafari, co- owner of Ballroom on Broadway. Every new student has an opportunity to participate in 25-minute introductory lessons at a discounted rate. During the classes, students are introduced to rhythm and the five basic elements used in all types of dancing that includes leading and following. “I enjoy teaching and creating. Every student is different in how they understand things. It’s not like I’m teaching the same 20 August 2018 | The Business Times syllabus,” Rothell-Jafari said. “We’ll have new ideas of how to get something across to somebody, and then the movement itself is creative.” The classes are conducted by either Shelby or her husband, Dadbeh Jafari. Together, the two run the business and provide the community an opportunity to learn something new, exercise and in some cases, compete nationally. The couple has been teaching in Edmond since 2012. Shelby has taught ballroom dancing for the last 21 years, and Dadbeh has been teaching for more than 16 years. Students can participate as a single or a couple, but every class is private meaning one- on-one instruction. Occasionally, they’ll offer a seminar or social dance, so all their students have an opportunity to dance together. “Whenever it’s one on one, it’s personalized,” Shelby said. “It’s put in a language that you’re going to understand versus a large group where students who learn quickly might feel bored, and students who need extra practice on a skill might feel frustrated if the class moves on before they feel ready. I feel like we get four or five times as much done in a one-on-one setting.” Together, the couple conducts about 60 to 80 lessons a week. Some students come once a week, and others come several times a week for practice. Each lesson can range between 45 minutes and 90 minutes depending on the student. Students schedule time at Ballroom on Broadway for a variety of reasons including finding an alternative way to exercise or trying to learn for a wedding or special event. “I think a lot of what we hear is that ‘I’ve wanted to dance forever and finally I can