Business Times of Edmond, Oklahoma August 2018 - Page 19

Little Spanish Bridge helps to expose young children in the area to the Spanish language and its cultures. “Our private sessions take place in a private studio built and planned considering key points of a Montessori environment,” she said. “We are not 100-percent Montessori. We have developed our own method of introducing Spanish as a second language in a natural, fun, and effective way in a multi-age set up. This method has been developed based on our experiences growing up in a multi- cultural environment where bi-lingualism was encouraged as a tool to becoming a well-rounded individual and we apply those same concepts to our children as they grow up, as well. Based in our experience, we extracted the elements of different methodologies that help us achieve our goal of immersing a child in a fun, stimulating and structured environment.” De la Puerta said students learn Spanish through normal day activities. “You learn it naturally through every day activities,” he said. “It will happen in learning any language by trial and error through play, dance or music. You can learn naturally by having fun. We encourage kids and adults to be fearless with language and just go out, make mistakes, and learn it the most practical way.” Forero said all of their teachers are Spanish-native speakers and meet her curriculum standards. “We are a Spanish full immersion studio,” she said. “We are a group of professionals that are Spanish native speakers. We just don’t speak Spanish. We all have a professional career to make sure that the Spanish we are offering is well and properly spoken. We all share our love and passion for our mother tongue and that is what we bring to you, a class full of excitement, passion, activity, challenges and all the good elements that ma