Business Times of Edmond, Oklahoma August 2018 - Page 18

Little Spanish Bridge is run by the family of David De la Puerta (not pictured), Angela Forero, mom Clara Forero, son Maui (baby), and Valentino De la Puerta. Learning Spanish Language, Cultures Helps in Understanding Diversity BY VAN MITCHELL | PHOTOS BY KAREN MOORE D avid De la Puerta and his wife Angela Forero transplanted to Oklahoma from Florida when he was recruited for a job and the company moved them here. Forero, an Interior Designer, took on a new challenge upon arrival with the creation of Little Spanish Bridge located at 1600 E. 19th Street, Suite 502 in Edmond, an early second language stimulation program designed to expose children and adults to the Spanish language and its cultures. Little Spanish Bridge is a family owned business operated in the mornings by Angela and at night by David. “Angela had something clear since the beginning,” De la Puerta said. “She needed to create a place where she 18 August 2018 | The Business Times could work and enjoy her kids at the same time. And that is how everything started. She got her Montessori certification, infant massage and all the research that helped her creating this unique and one of a kind place for kids and their families.” Classes offered include baby Spanish for infants, toddler Spanish, after-school Spanish, adult Spanish, and Mommy and Me Spanish. Hours of operation are 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday through Friday. Adult classes are three nights a week. “We are not just a language academy, we are more than that,” said Forero, program director. “Little Spanish Bridge program doesn’t just teach Spanish, we introduce art, music, physical activities, math, problem solving, science, geography, manners, and socialization skills. Our program is the perfect extracurricular activity that allows your children to spend time in our full immersion studio with the kids of other families that are conscious of how important it is to have Spanish as a second language. “Kids of other families that are conscious of all the benefits about learning a second or third language – it doesn’t need to be Spanish – learning a second language stimulates your brains, reinforces the first language and creates kids who are open and excited about our diverse reality.” Little Spanish Bridge’s method is based in the Montessori methodology, presenting children and their families with a lot of opportunities to introduce routines and the Montessori parenting style.