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Dozens of students participate in the Lakeside Piano Studio recitals they host several times a year. Davis Dorrough (left) and Angela Marshall (right) started teaching piano lessons together nearly five years ago when they had the idea to launch a company with a unique business model. “In the beginning, we offered private one-on- one lessons specialized to younger students. Now, we’re offering group classes for different ages including adults. A lot of people want to try to learn piano.” The studio has been serving the area for almost five years. Participants are a variety of ages from as young as four-years-old up to pianists in their 70s. Students can choose from one-on-one instruction or group classes Marshall said. “We started offering adult classes for multiple students, and we have a keyboard lab with six digital pianos,” Marshall said. “I am also going to start offering two new classes for elementary children.” “The concept of group piano lessons is offered in other places, but it’s a pretty rare opportunity in the area. A lot of people think of piano as a one-on-one experie nce when it comes to learning, but group education is beneficial too because it offers peer support. Lakeside Piano Studios also recently collaborated with Charles Gosset who helped teach mindfulness sessions with the students to help them combat stage fright and other mental blocks that might be holding them back from seeing progress. “We just started this program last fall. We did a group class and a series of workshops in November. After the session, we tried to follow up with the students during the lessons to see how it helped them,” Marshall said. “We are going to host another session this fall. We tried to schedule the group mindfulness class before the recital to help provide them with practical advice before they performed.” Lakeside Piano Studios offers private lessons for students ranging from 4-years-old to students in their 60s and 70s. “It’s a very inclusive program that works with students of all types and levels of abilities,” Dorrough said. “The first time I worked with a down syndrome student, I got to see his success every week. He is always so excited to perform every time we host a recital, and he really works the audience and has a good time,” he said. “I can see how piano can change a student’s life.” Students at Lakeside Piano Studios who participate in group classes can enjoy eight week classes rather than a 16-week classes so they can choose if its a hobby or skill they want to continue to nurture. “It’s a really good options for extroverted individuals who want to meet other students, and it’s about half the cost of a private lesson, and the students get an hour instead of 30 minutes,” Dorrough said. “It’s good to have that community of other peers to cheer you along. It’s a different dynamic with a group. It’s a little competitive, but it is healthy. I’ve noticed most people rise to the group level, and students improve quickly.” Dorrough said he’s really grown to enjoy the group environment because there is more energy and interaction. “We do a lot more games, and they move around and work together as a team and play in an ensemble as a group. In fact, I recommend a group setting for beginners,” he said. “We do composition, we play floor games, and when we start the classes for elementary students there are games where they will be throwing things.” Dorrough said the studio also tries to find new and interesting places for students to practice their new skills live. For example, they recently hosted “Piano in the Park” and at other events they performed in coffee shops. “When students perform in these unique places, it makes them feel like they are playing a real gig instead of just performing for their parents or family,” Dorrough said. “Anyone can learn. If you have a desire to learn we would love to teach. It is the heart of our company.” To learn more about piano lessons at Lakeside Piano Studios visit or call 405-757-4554. August 2018 | The Business Times 13