Business Times of Edmond, Oklahoma April 2018 - Page 21

Blue Haven Pools and Spas provides many pool-related services in addition to pool opening, like pool closing, water testing and of course, pool sales and construction. A home pool requires an initial investment and regular maintenance, but it offers convenience and hours of family fun. “What I enjoy the most about working at Blue Haven is helping people build their backyard dreams, where friends and families can gather and spend quality time making lasting memories,” said Beto Garcia, owner of Blue Haven Pools and Spas. “We stay current with the latest standards for safety, low maintenance, energy efficiency, and alternative sanitation for in-ground swimming pools. consider. Structurally, an in-ground pool is more sound and will last longer,” she said. She also said maintenance is easier with an in-ground pool, and customization is possible unlike above ground pools, which usually come in a few pre-determined sizes and shapes. “Summer is our busiest season, so if you’re planning on installing a pool it’s better to start the process now,” she said. Installation from start to finish generally requires six to eight weeks depending Oklahoma’s wild weather. Blue Haven includes any permitting requirements needed to install a pool in the purchase. They also do all the legwork required to contact the city and complete the appropriate paperwork. Every pool at Blue Haven Pools and Spas is custom designed to fit a customer’s backyard, and it can be big or small depending on needs and budget. Building a pool is considered major construction and sometimes there can be bumps along the way, but Garcia believes it is how a company handles these adversities that determines whether the clients have a positive experience. Blue Haven is an established custom- design in-ground Gunite pool and spa company in Edmond. Anyone looking to purchase a new pool will ask the question “Is above ground or in-ground a better option?” Budget is a key factor when determining what type of pool to purchase, and Goodner offers some key benefits to in- ground pools. “Longevity is something important to “That is what sets us apart. It takes the stress off the homeowner,” she said. “It’s always included in the price of the pool because the pricing structure is inconsistent, some cities have a flat rate and others charge by address.” Edmond does not have a flat rate for pool installation. To start the purchasing process, Blue Haven asks to examine the plot or pin survey, which is normally found in the closing papers of the house. “Some customers don’t have that, but then we can order after they place their $1,000 down payment, which comes off the top of the pool purchasing price,” she said. Factors that affect the total price of a new in-ground pool include access to the backyard, access to easements, size and add- ons. “Tight access means it will cost more because we’ll have to use small machines and it takes longer,” she said. “There are also a lot of bells and whistles you can choose from like different types of cleaners, spas, water features, smartphone operation of equipment,” she said. Customers also have the option of choosing multi-speed pumps, which could help with utility costs associated with maintaining the pool because they help the pool operate more efficiently. Anyone who visits Blue Haven Pools and Spas can talk to designers who’ll lead them through the process of creating the pool they want. “Every single pool and budget is different,” she said. The company also offers to finance pools, and they have a credit application online. “We work with national companies so we have a little bit better programs to look at,” she said. The company offers other services like pool closing and remodeling for older pools. They also have landscaping consultants to help customers who want plants or trees near their pool. The company is launching their website redesign to create a more user-friendly experience for individuals wanting to browse their inventory and tips online. More information can be found at April 2018 | The Business Times 21