Business Times of Edmond, Oklahoma April 2018 - Page 17

Bruce Maxwell said there is a hardscaping trend as more individuals look for low maintenance options. The biggest factor in landscaping price is size of plants. Large trees and bushes cost more than small trees and bushes. Many homeowners are preparing to plant colorful flowers this spring to add brightness to their front yards. one-hour consultation to discuss the design and other options related to their landscaping vision. Afterward, they can decide to have a professional design, soil samples examined, or hiring the company to complete other projects. “I love what I do because we are dealing with different personalities, different designs and different micro-environments every day,” Maxwell said. “Sometimes we are working with people who just purchased a new house, and they want to add to the landscaping that already exists. Other times, we are providing our horticulture knowledge to homeowners who are thinking about tackling a new project.” Maxwell said the biggest misconception in the industry is homeowners think there is no way they could afford it. “Landscaping can be expensive, but they’d be surprised. It would be better to hire a professional and spend the money upfront spending twice as much as mistakes putting the wrong plants in. I have customers tell me they spent a small fortune on landscaping mistakes,” he said. Homeowners can also complete projects in phases to spread out the expense. The cost of a project is affected by the size of the plants, the number of plants and the scope of the project. “The larger the plant always adds to the price due to the fact the grower has to keep it in the facility or nursery much longer,” he said. Another important trend he’s noticed in the landscaping industry is more homeowners are leaning toward low maintenance options. “People are getting busier as time goes by. They are working longer and harder, and that has been a huge factor even with our design,” Maxwell said. “There is a lot of hard landscaping, which is rocks and cobblestone, shrubbery, pampas grass and oriental grasses.” Maxwell Landscaping is a full-service landscaping company specializing in design and installation. The company also provides maintenance, mowing, weed control, flower bed creation, sprinkler installation and repairs, and they complete contract drainage projects. The company received contractor of the year for drainage projects for three years running, 2013 through 2015. Maxwell doesn’t hang his hat on being the cheapest option in the area, but he said he remains competitive and he offers decades of experience. The company celebrated 32 years of business on March 1. “To be successful in business you have to be cheaper or different, and I’m different,” he said. “What I want people to know about the business is its longevity. We’ve certainly done something right. We do make mistakes, and I am not perfect, but I’ll always correct them. I have a passion for this profession every day, and that passion will show in the landscape design and execution.” Maxwell is a longtime Edmond citizen. He graduated high school in the community, attended Oklahoma Christian University, and worked for an architect doing la ndscape for four years before graduating college and starting his business. He said his 32 years of success comes from him always trying to abide by the golden rule, and his goal to return every call, every day. “We’ve done landscaping so long, and it’s rewarding to do a consultation or do a little pencil sketch for someone and go to work. If it is a small project, they come home and it is done and they love it,” Maxwell said. Maxwell said sometimes projects are bigger, and it take weeks, months or even years to see the vision realized. Regardless of the size or scope of projects, he’s ready for the busy spring season by helping Edmond residents add a little color to their yards. For more information on Maxwell Landscape services visit April 2018 | The Business Times 17