Business Times of Edmond, Oklahoma April 2018 - Page 11

The height of the garage ceiling will determine if a homeowner can store one or two totes on the shelving units. leaning toward shelving because it is a more economical option. He said overhead or ceiling mounted racks can cost around $400 for a single one. The typical garage organization design averages between $1,400 and $1,800, but there are homeowners who want extensive shelving, cabinetry and other accessories, which can cost upward of $8,000. In addition to creating storage in garages, Anderson also installs decorative epoxy floors. “It makes your garage look nicer. It remains on top, and it’s easy to clean with a degreaser. Most people do it to make the space look better,” Anderson said. Applying the decorative epoxy floors is usually a two-day process. It requires cleaning the floor, applying a base coat, allowing it to dry overnight, removing excess chips and finishing with a clear coat over the top. Anderson also helps with organization if the client needs it. He recommends they sort their belongings into piles, and he’ll put them on the new shelving after he finishes installing it. He offers an estimate for anyone considering adding shelving to their garage. He’ll provide a recommendation on how many feet of shelving they need based on the number of totes or other items they need to store and the height of the ceiling. He also shows them how to hang up different items or make adjustments to the monkey bars to make it more useful. “A lot of my customers will find things they can donate or throw away during the process of getting new shelving and monkey bars in their garage,” Anderson said. Spring is a popular time of year for his service, but so is New Year’s, when the school year begins or ends, and right before Christmas. “Sometimes, it’s a gift to their spouse,” he said. His pro tip for anyone trying to organize their garage this spring is to label boxes, so it is easy to find what they are looking for when it is time to pull it out of storage. To learn more about Gorgeous Garage visit them on Facebook at gorgeousgarge or online at http:/ The industrial strength shelves can hold up to 1,000 lbs. Kent Anderson said the hanging monkey bars are great for storing bicycles. April 2018 | The Business Times 11