Business Source July - August 2018 - Page 9

the creature cry out while shopping or socializing. On top of that, the Let’s Go games will let two people play the game together at the same time. If you’re familiar with the Switch system, you know there are two detachable controllers on the sides of the tablet. In this game each person can utilize one (or a Poké Ball Plus) to work together in catching Poké- mon. Unsurprisingly, the creators foresee parents assisting their children in this cooperative mode. Which, when you take a step back, makes sense consider- ing the kids who grew up with Pokémon might have their own offspring now. This not only speaks to the long-lasting appeal of the franchise, but why it’s stayed in the spotlight for so long. The creators always are searching for new fans and players. All in all, Pokémon is pervasive. Case in point: I wouldn’t call myself a fan, per se. But I watched the cartoon as a kid with my brother, dabbled in the games over the years and even hunted for the cute creatures with friends throughout the local area. So I fully expect the upcoming Let’s Go titles to find their way into my life somehow. You should be prepared for that too. — Evan Campbell is a freelance writer who covers video games, movies, TV shows and tech. He’s also a former copy editor at the News and Tribune. The upcoming Switch games will be able to communicate directly with Pokémon Go. Release date for the Nintendo games is slated for Nov. 16. File photo July / August 2018 9