Business Source July - August 2018 - Page 68

Bradley L. Fair How long have you lived and/or worked in Clark or Floyd counties: 16 years Where do you work and please tell us about your job responsibilities: Wicks Pizza Parlor, general manager I handle all aspect of the business including, but not limited to, staff man- agement, recruiting, operations, training, customer satisfaction, quality con- trols, financials and community relations. Please tell us about your definition of leadership — both in the workplace and in volunteer efforts: Lifting people around you up, finding their strengths, and supporting them to be as successful as they can be. As a leader you are only as strong as the people surrounding you. If you enable them to be successful you will also be successful. Please tell us about all volunteer efforts that are important to you and why: Develop New Albany is so important to me because I love this city, and want to continue to see it grow and flourish. I live in New Albany and will continue to raise my family here. I am one of the board members of Develop New Albany, and when time allows I do anything I can to help bring my help to seeing the continued growth of the downtown and uptown beautifica- tion and attractions. I have been working downtown for almost ten years at Wicks Pizza, and have seen the downtown area flourish over those years. Doing my part in continuing that growth whether it is by supporting local business, or helping with the planning of events to raise funding to distribute in projects around the community. In your opinion, what is the single best thing about being involved — living or working — in Southern Indiana and why: The community. We have such an amazing group of people here in South- ern Indiana, the community support is amazing. No matter what the topic we always seems to come together and find a way to support each other. With all the chaos, and hostility you see in the news around the world, here in Southern Indiana we continue to support each other and grow our busi- nesses and communities every day. If you could put your time and/or money into one thing in Southern Indiana to make it better, what would it be and why: Historical preservation. We have so many historic buildings in the area that could use some TLC and I'd love to see those parts of history preserved for future generations. July / August 2018 9