Business Source July - August 2018 - Page 57

Michelle Huber How long have you lived and/or worked in Clark or Floyd counties: Lived: my whole life; worked: seven years Where do you work and please tell us about your job responsibilities: Fuzzy Zoeller: I am Fuzzy Zoeller’s personal assistant. I manage his office, communications, personal and professional travel, appearances (cor- porate, charity, and personal), donations and website development. Covered Bridge and Champions Pointe Golf Clubs, director of Marketing and Communications: I am responsible for the courses’ social media, web- site development, communications, email campaign development, marketing initiatives, special projects, and donations. Covered Bridge Recreation Center: manager I am manage membership, facility, book keeping, employees, communications, and customer relations. Please tell us about your definition of leadership — both in the workplace and in volunteer efforts: My definition of leadership is to lead by positive example and to empower others to be leaders, too. I believe leaders should treat everyone as equal and value the team. I think it is important for leaders to always stand up for what is right and for the team. 20 July / August 2018 Also, I think it is important for leaders to admit when they are wrong and go the extra mile to correct their mistakes. Being a leader is a privilege and should be met with gratitude, kindress and a smile. This is the definition of leadership I try to encompass at work, volunteering and every other aspect of my life. Please tell us about all volunteer efforts that are important to you and why: One Southern Indiana Board Member: two years I serve on the board, executive committee, Busi- ness Resource Council chair, One Awards vice chair, Young Professionals of One Southern Indiana com- mittee, and Marketing/Branding Ad Hoc committee. One Southern Indiana is extremely important to me because they are the heart and advocate for the professionals, businesses and economic develop- ment for our community. One Southern Indiana puts our community first in everything they do. They have truly have helped me as an individual grow profes- sionally and connect me to other professionals in our community. I love giving back to One Southern Indiana because of everything it has done for me. I want to help it grow and connect other young profes- sionals to it, too. Our Lady of Providence High School Alumni Association — vice president: two-and-a-half years Providence is my alma mater and it has helped shape me into the person I am today. The Pioneer family and values are still very much a part of my everyday life. I love helping celebrate and connect alumni back to the school. Also, I love sharing my Blue Pride with future Pioneers. In your opinion, what is the single best thing about being involved — living or working — in Southern Indiana and why: THE PEOPLE! The people who live and work in Southern Indiana are what make Southern Indiana such a wonderful place. Everywhere I go in our com- munity, every one is always SO kind and willing to help one another, in work and everyday life. I feel like everyone embraces Southern Indiana and wants it be a great place for all generations. To me that is the definition of community and why it makes ours so special. If you could put your time and/or money into one thing in Southern Indiana to make it better, what would it be and why: If I had unlimited time, I would volunteer for every organization in our community that is doing positive things to help it and the other’s living in it. There are so many great people and organizations doing so many great things, I am always in awe of what they are doing and would love to help contribute to every one of them. It is truly hard for me to pick one or even two because the people behind these organizations are putting so much energy, time, and most importantly heart into helping our community. It is so amazing to see and again I wish I could be a part of all of it!