Business Source July - August 2018 - Page 49

Rachel Province How long have you lived and/or worked in Clark or Floyd counties: but also humility and sacrifice. Five years Where do you work and please tell us about your job responsibilities: Transformation Network as the Opera- tions Director. I oversee four locations spread across Southern Indiana and Northern Ohio. I am responsible for the overall business opera- tions of our company including but not limited to our staffing policies and procedures, client relations and customer service, accurate infor- mation flow, human resources and employee development. Please tell us about your definition of leadership — both in the workplace and in volunteer efforts: Leadership to me is putting others before yourself not just in the workplace but in my personal life as well. I don't think leadership is a role you show at work and leave it at the door after the work day. To me, it's how you act and think in your everyday life. It's in our actions, body language and tone of voice. I think leadership shows consistency Please tell us about all volunteer efforts that are important to you and why: I moved to Southern Indiana five years ago with no friends or family in the area. I was excited about the opportunity to explore a new part of the U.S. I had never been to before but I didn't think about the part of being accepted by the community I was working in. Quickly I became a member of One Southern Indiana and from there my passion really grew for young professionals in our area, getting them connected to one another and helping with personal and professional growth. From experi- ence, this is what I was longing for and I knew there were others just like me. I was involved in 1si but than started volunteering my time with the FLAG (Future Leaders Advisory Group) now YP1si (Young Professionals of 1si) in 1si. I first started as the leader of programs and devel- opment which pushed me to find venues for events, meet with vendors to host and help plan our Mentor/Mentee program. At the time, FLAG leadership team consisted of three core mem- bers and we now have a group of 10 leading the way. It's been amazing to see growth not just in myself but the growth of other young profes- sionals through our mentor/mentee program. In your opinion, what is the single best thing about being involved – living or working – in Southern Indiana and why: In my opinion, the single best thing about working in Southern Indiana is the feeling of community. Since moving here I've always felt welcomed. I've made really great friends both personally in professionally. If you could put your time and/or money into one thing in Southern Indiana to make it better, what would it be and why: I've enjoyed seeing all the new restaurants and shops pop up in New Albany and down- town Jeffersonville. There are all kinds of things I'd like to do but something I'm most passionate about would be to start a small clothing bou- tique with my sisters. It's completely opposite of my current career in staffing and manufacturing but it's a passion of mine. I really enjoy see- ing small shops like Dress & Dwell and others become a staple in the community for go-to fashion. I also think these small shops that are locally owned bring such a sense of connection, pride and support to Southern Indiana and its members. Congratulations 20 under 40 recipients! We’re proud of our Board of Directors on this accomplishment and their commitment to our community. Chuck Summers Brad Fair