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The business has used Maker13’s 3D printer to craft prototypes of its upcoming products. Makerspaces have been integral to the Jeffersonville company’s early beginnings, according to Maggie Galloway, the CEO of Inscope. “They are really great because it’s a pretty inexpensive way to get access to really high-end equipment and really allow us to do really rapid prototyping,” she said. Prototyping is important for companies creating new products because it allows them to create a model and test it sev- eral times before sending it off for mass manufacturing. Inscope, as well as Toggle Health, another local healthcare startup, have used Maker13 to create prototypes. Patrick Brown, a photographer formerly based in Southern Indiana — now on the road thanks to Maker13 — used the mak- erspace to transform a 2006 Sprinter van into a portable home and studio. He, too, needed access to Maker13’s equipment to realize his goal, which he soon realized would require skills that he didn’t possess. “I’m a photographer, not a wood- worker,” Brown said bluntly. He did build a bookshelf once, but it turned out crooked. At first, Brown thought he would hire someone to do the work for him. But then a friend told him about Maker13. Brown toured the facility and discov- ered the ShopBot, a machine that can be programmed to cut wood into any shape needed. It took Brown countless hours of work but eventually he mastered the CNC router and was able to turn his van from a car into a live-and-work space with a microwave, stove, dark room and more. Thanks to Brown’s membership with Maker13, he’s now able to take photogra- phy jobs across the country without staying in hotels or worrying about his dog. But it’s not all about equipment for Maker13’s members. Orchard, Winery & Vineyards A TESTAMENT TO JEFF Maker13 might not be where it is today without the city of Jeffersonville. The local government body allowed the Rileys to rent out one of their buildings at “Family Owned and Farmed” 175 RS Huber’s Chris Cruise has used the makerspace to make connections — not just flags. Through Maker13, Chris paired up with New Hope Services to employ a veteran recovering from a medical issue. That veteran has helped Chris make his product while Chris works his day job. When the Rise of the Rest startup fund- ing competition came to Maker13 in May, Chris was able to show off his product to guests, including a co-founder of AOL. A local startup consulting nonprofit, 1804, also uses Maker13 as a base, bring- ing innovators from around the Louisville area into the makerspace. “If there’s an entrepreneur that has a dream, who has a vision, makerspaces help them get there,” Cruise said. 1843 • 2018 Sustainable Farming Since 1843 19816 Huber Rd. • Borden, IN 47106 812.923.9463 • July / August 2018 27