Business Source July - August 2018 - Page 25

“IF THERE’S AN ENTREPRENEUR THAT HAS A DREAM, WHO HAS A VISION, MAKERSPACES HELP THEM GET THERE.” veterans. His idea was that both the bourbon barrels and veter- ans had once served a greater purpose. It was a loving metaphor, inspired by Chris’ own service and his wife, Amber Cruise’s, Kentucky heritage. Soon, Chris was receiving request after request from other veterans and citizen patriots, interested in purchasing their own one-of-a-kind creation. From there, a business was born: Cruise Customs. But Chris wanted to keep improving his product. He wished for the stars on his cre- ations to look as if they were embroidered onto the wood, just as they would on a true American flag. That, though, would require an expensive laser etcher. While Chris’ business had been profitable since “day one,” he didn’t have enough capital to buy a several thousand dollar machine. That’s where Maker13 came in. Cruise started using the space six months ago. His membership has helped him make the product he wants while allowing him to save the money he’ll need to open his own facility (or at least one that isn’t his garage or a makerspace). Access to expensive equip- ment is a common reason why business owners have a Maker13 membership. Inscope Medical Solutions is a device company that produces a potentially life-saving suction laryngoscope, a piece of medi- cal equipment designed to clear the airways of a patient in the throes of a medical emergency. A 3-D form of Abraham Lincoln takes shape. July / August 2018 25