Business Source July - August 2018 - Page 23

CRE- ATION STA- TION By Danielle Grady | Photos by Josh Hicks John Riley had a dream. Christy Riley went along with it. H owever willingly or not the two marched into the world of entrepreneur- ship, they are both hopelessly devoted to the cause now. Their creation, Maker13, is a tinkerer’s paradise: 3D printers, laser etchers, a quilting machine and wood and metal working equipment fill their orderly studio. The machines, most of them in the thousands of dollars, are all available to use — as long as you pay $60 a month and take a few introductory classes. So far, 120 people have taken that step. The Rileys opened Maker13 almost two years ago. At the time, they were helped by John’s Samtec coworker, Brian Niehoff and his wife Lauren. The Niehoffs have since left the partnership and now John and Christy operate the business, called a makerspace, with the help of a handful of employees.