Business Source July - August 2018 - Page 13

Fresh vegetables mingle in a hot pan at Kim & Bab Korean Bistro in New Albany. Bibimbab: rice with vegetables and an egg with Mango Boba Tea is one of the most frequently ordered dishes. Kim & Bab brings a taste of Korea to Southern Indiana T he word “bab” is Korean for cooked rice. Kim is the last name of Kim & Bab owners Peter and Christine. Combine those ingredients and you have a special recipe for the only res- taurant that dishes out authentic Korean cuisine in Southern Indiana. Rice is as essential to Korean food as family is to the act of cooking — it nour- ishes the soul. “Korean people cook every day at home,” says Peter Kim, who, along with Christine, are from the south side of Seoul, South Korea. “It’s tradition.” Rice is included in every meal, along with side dishes, says Christine, about traditions back home. Where did they learn to cook? “We are Korean!” Christine says. “My mom and my grandma. I’m Korean. I cook every day at home.” Cooked rice is a staple in Kim & Bab’s two most popular dishes. July / August 2018 13