Business Role Play Tasks Volume 1 - Page 3


Progress should be measurable and that's why we provide you with audio recordings made at specific points during each class.

Empathy plays a significant part in the English language, learning about your voice is a great advantage for a student.

Use these audio's as a base for learning and a useful tool for studying outside a classroom environment.

We want everyone to ask you where you are learning English. For us, our best advertisement is you. With a vested stake in your learning, we expect you to study hard and learn how to apply. Passive learning doesn't work so you are going to have to dedicate some time to study.

Audio's are large files so we recommend making use of Gmail as it offers free cloud storage. As most mobile devices offer Gmail apps you will be able to access these files at anytime.

Finally we are here to help you to reach your goals, so if you need further assistance simply email your instructor. This lesson plan will help you with pronunciation, grammar awareness, vocabulary building, speed of speech and voice tones.