Business Role Play Tasks Volume 1 - Page 134


You have just moved country and need to register at a Doctor's clinic. Your first task will be to phone Dr. Goodman's Clinic and find out about the process.


Phone The Clinic

You can use your real name and details or choose to use the information below:

Mrs. Alison Smith - Wife

Mr. Peter Smith - Husband

Timothy Smith - Son - Age 8

Jackie Smith - Age 5 - Daughter

Address: No 3c Churchill Avenue, Winnipeg, CA5432

Tel: 654 345 247

The objective of this task is to source as much information as possible.


Go To The Clinic

You have just entered the clinic and there are two other people waiting to speak to the receptionist.

** Find out if you are next in line**


The Receptionist

You will now interact with the receptionist. talking points are indicated below:

* Doctor

* Clinic Hours

* Making online appointments

* Children's specialist

* Membership cards

* Blood tests

* Nurse