Business Role Play Tasks Volume 1 - Page 129

A role play task where you are required to meet and introduce yourself to a Client who you have never met or spoken to previously.

You should ask your client if he would like a coffee or something to drink. How would you do this task?

When you give the coffee or drink to Mr Evans, what would you say?

Silence is regarded as counter productive so how would you keep the conversation between you and Mr Evans going?

This is referred to as "Small Talk" and relies on your ability to ask questions that are appealing and interesting. Here are some suggestions:

- How was your journey here?

- Is this your first time here? (town, city or country)

- Weather

It's not a good idea to talk business at this stage since it's regarded as a warm up and an opportunity to establish a relationship with your client.

Practice makes perfect, try this task a few times to become familiar with it. Use the audio recordings to your advantage.

If you haven't tried our "Blue Project" lesson plan yet, ask your teacher about it. Small talk can be a very challenging topic for language learners so make sure that you study question formation and indirect question structures.