Business Role Play Tasks Volume 1 - Page 128


The Meeting

A task taken from one of our most succesful lesson plans for project managers entitled: "The Blue Project", this task is based on the ability to deliver a professional business introduction.

It's nearly 10am and Mr David Evans who is a new client for your company walks into the reception area. The receptionist asks Mr Evans who he has an appointment with and he says that he is an appointment to see you at 10:25 am.

Sandra (the receptionist) calls your extention to let you know that you have a client waiting for you in reception. How do you respond?

As you approach the reception area, you can see Mr Evans sitting down in front of the reception desk. You approach him and extend your hand to shake his.

Here you could use the following:

Goodmorning, you must be Mr Evans. Pleased to meet you, my name is (Your name) and I am the (job title) for (name of your company).

There are many other ways to introduce yourself and it varies depending on the level of formality. The example shown is a popular variation. Remember that the way that you sound can effect the meaning so even if your grammar is 100% accurate, your voice tone could influence the outcome.

Practice this with your instructor until you reach an acceptable standard that could be applied. Established in 2011