Business Role Play Tasks Volume 1 - Page 127

d/ Good morning 7 Oaks distributions

e/ 7 Oaks Distributions, how can I help you?

You should learn how to answer the phone for your business. Native speakers tend to use variations as you can see from the examples there are so many possibilities.

Modern business requirements are a non negotiable standard of excellence for this skill. More and more companies are taking a uniformed approach to answering the business phone.

A business phone should be answered in a professional manner reflecting empathetic voice value and creating an environment where there is a want and need to do


You will now practice this task using the principles shown. You will be recorded so that you can monitor improvement, understand the concept of empathetic voice value and evaluate your speed of speech.

Good luck and remember that you should have fun in experimenting with the language. Enjoy the task and feel free to ask your instructor if you would like to repeat the task again later in the course.

"Practice makes perfect!"