Business Role Play Tasks Volume 1 - Page 126

Your name is: Use your real name.

Your company name is:

Use your real company name.

You would like to speak to:

Christine Wallis

Christines company name: 7 Oaks Distributions.

Purpose for the call:

To change a meeting time and date from Monday the 21st of April at 3pm to Tuesday the 22nd at either 4pm, 5pm or 6pm.

Your contact details are:

Office 0034 966 424 977

Mobile 0034 835 422 777

There are two scenarios here, the first is that Christine is not available and you will have to leave a message for her to call you back and the other is that your call is put through and you actually interact with Christine.

When you phone reception there are a number of possibilities that could be used for a receptionist to answer the phone and these are shown below.

a/ Good morning, this is 7 Oaks Distributions

b/ Good morning this is 7 Oaks Distributions , Sarah (the name of the receptionist) speaking how can I help you?

c/ 7 Oaks Distributions, how can I help you? - Your online learning solution!