Business Role Play Tasks Volume 1 - Page 116

Case Study

You have two children, Miya aged 8 and Alex aged 5. You have just relocated to a new cuntry and need to enrol your children into school. The school you have selected is called; "Park School".


1. Phone the administration department, you will speak to the administration department, interact with the school administrator.

- Introduce yourself

- Tell them why you are calling

- Arrange a suitable time to visit the school

- Ask what documentation is required

- Ask What the school hours are

- Ask about any relevant costs such as uniform and books

- Ask about the start of term date

- Ask for directions to the school

- Ask for the name of the person your speaking to


You have an appointment to see the administrator, his name is Mark Evans. Your appointment is for 3 pm at the school. Your task is to go to the school and meet Mr Evans.

- Press the button on the school intercom system

- State who you are, who you have an appointment with and at what time

- When you enter the school, walk up to the reception area, it may be a different person so introduce yourself again.

- You will be told to wait in the reception area