Business Role Play Tasks Volume 1 - Page 113

You have been asked to phone Mr James Sinclair who is a potential company client. Your manager wants you to:

a. Introduce yourself - Use your real name

b. Tell them your job title with a brief description of your responsibilities - Use your real job title and responsibilities.

c. Explain a key service or product - Choose a real product or service that your company sells or provides

You will organise a meeting for the 4th of December at 4pm at your office. invite them to this event which is an opportunity to discuss the clients exact needs.

a. Suggest this date and time to the client. If it’s not convenient suggest an alternative.

b. End the phone call

The client phones your office, he wants to clarify the price of the product or service, how they should pay if they want it and whether they can obtain a discount.

a. Answer the phone on behalf of your department

b. Interact with the client and answer their questions

c. End the call

Meet the client at your office:

a. Meet and greet

b. Offer them a drink

c. accompany them to the meeting room


a. Your manager Mrs Alicia Evans will be present, introduce your manager to your client

b. You will provide a short presentation of your companies products and services

c. You will answer any questions that the client has

d. You will close the meeting and set a suitable time to contact them

Contact your client

a. Close the deal

b. Explain the payment options

c. Explain the payment terms

d. End the meeting

Write a brief email confirming the option they have selected and to thank them for their custom

Your client is in the area and would like to take you out socially for a coffee

a. Accept the offer and sort out a suitable location and time to meet

b. Meet your client

c. interact using social English

d. End the event

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