Business People Fall 2018 - Page 4

INTRODUCTION // FROM THE EDITOR FALL 2018 Volume 2, Issue 2 Business People is a publication of The Ottumwa Courier PUBLISHER: Ron Gutierrez EDITOR: Tracy Goldizen WRITERS: Mark Newman Winona Whitaker PHOTOGRAPHERS: Mark Newman Winona Whitaker GRAPHIC DESIGN: Indiana Media Group ADVERTISING SALES: Jodi German Trenton Goodell Tyler Goodell Liz Techel 213 E. Second St. Ottumwa, Iowa 52501 641-683-5367 @CourierTracy on Twitter ON THE COVER: Steven Dust in his office at Ottumwa Regional Legacy Foundation Photo by Tracy Goldizen 4 BUSINESS PEOPLE Exploring Ottumwa’s heritage, future owntown Ottumwa holds a number of treasures. One of the newest businesses in the downtown district is housed in a building with a wide-ranging history. Pallister Brothers opened its doors recently, but the location has been a barbershop, a warehouse and a cigar factory, to name a few. The owner wanted to keep the history of the building alive when he began his new business. Then there’s the opposite. One of Ottumwa’s longest-running operations, Canteen Lunch in the Alley, continues to serve up one of the area’s favorite Tracy Goldizen sandwiches and even partnered with Major League EDITOR, BUSINESS PEOPLE Eating to hold a canteen eating contest. See what the responses were as owner Scott Pierce and manager follow Tracy on Twitter Lindsey Newland answered our “You What?” survey. @CourierTracy Steven Dust may be new to Ottumwa, but the orga- nization he serves has been benefitting Ottumwa for several years now. We ask him 5 Questions on what his thoughts and visions for Ottumwa are. Along West Second Street, you’ll come to the Iowa School of Beauty. Here students learn the science of cosmetology. It goes deeper than you might think There’s a lot going on beyond downtown as well. Heartland Humane Society workers and volunteers spend their time — even weekends and holidays — making sure the cats and dogs of the no-kill shelter are cared for and loved. As we approach the cold of winter, it’s a great chance to see if there’s a furry fit for you family. Moving out of town, we visit with the owners of an area Heritage Farm. See how the acres of land came into possession of Vernon Lowenberg’s ancestors and how the family has worked the land over the years, passing it down from generation to generation. There’s always a lot going on in and around Ottumwa — and a lot of times there’s a lot of history to go along with it. We hope you enjoy delving into some of those stories in this issue of Business People. D