Business People Fall 2018 - Page 27

NONPROFIT A recent expansion at HHS included new outdoor dog kennels. HEARTLAND ADOPTION PROCESS When animals are brought to Heartland Humane Society, they are assessed for health and welfare, given shots and scheduled to be spayed or neutered. They are immediately quarantined for 10 days VETERINARY SERVICES CALL TODAY FOR AN APPOINTMENT WE APPRECIATE YOUR BUSINESS! 2830 North Court Street ‚†l‰-ķƔƑƔƏƐ ѵƓƐŊѵѶƑŊƑƑƖƐ ‰‰‰ĺrbr;ˆ;|o=o‚†l‰-ĺ1ol to guarantee they are healthy so as not to pass on any possible infections to the other animals. Animals are brought in through a variety of ways: animal surren- ders, strays, animals whose owners have died, etc. One thing they can’t take: aggressive dogs. The shelter also serves as animal control. When animals are brought in from the Ottumwa Police Department, they are housed in a separate building. Once the quarantine is over, the animals are moved to the general population and become available for adoption. They are often given a profile on their likes and dislikes and what kind of home they would best be suited for based on interactions the animals have with people while at the shelter. Those interested in adopting fill out an adoption application, and the shelter performs a background check. They also keep a “do not adopt” list of known abusers that they do not adopt to. After the background check, people can bring in animals already in the home to introduce them to the shelter animal. HHS Manager Kaci Aschenbrenner and other employees walk families through this process. “We do everything we can to make sure it’s a good fit for the fami- ly and the animal because we don’t want them returned,” said Har- vey. “We tell people this is a lifetime commitment.” The board relies on the employees of the shelter in making sure a prospective home is a good fit. "They know the animals best," said Harvey, "so we trust their judgment." Adoptions tend to be a mixed bag for the employees. They are excited for the animals to find a home, Harvey said, but it’s hard for them to say goodbye to their furry friends. “They fall in love with these animals.” BUSINESS PEOPLE 27