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Role of television in modern society

Since television has become the most successful business all around the world, I would like to discuss its role in modern society. More specifically, I would like to write about its positive impact in the common life of people.

It is well known that TV is still the favorite entertainment media in spite of the constant development of new electronic technology. And this phenomenon has simple reasons. To start with, TV is funny and gathers families. Watching an entertaining show or a suspenseful series at night is often the only time of the day that all the family members spend together. It is also a great way to throw away the stress of a busy day and just get into the amazing life of someone else.

Another advantage of TV is that it offers company for lonely people. For example for the elderly it is a good way to fill the empty place that the family members leave in their lives when they become old and sick. And children enjoy this advantage as well, when their parents have to work the whole day.

As a source of education, TV has become an easy and accessible way to acquire knowledge about diverse subjects. For example, in the scientific field, channels like National Geographic or Discovery Channel are gaining everyday more popularity. And there is obviously a big amount of channels dedicated to the youngest, since TV is made for all ages. There is for example Discovery Kids, which is every time encouraging children to learn words in other languages and to expand their imagination.

Nowadays, almost everybody keeps informed about the newest events all around the globe only due to television. But even though it can be useful and informative, it can also turn into something negative if people do not recognize, for example, subjective news and believe everything they say. So, based on this point of view, I would say that another advantage of TV is that it gives you the possibility of choosing from a lot of programs and channels, the ones that you really want to watch. What`s more, it lets you know more than one perspective about the same topic.

As I already said, TV can be very educational and not only because of the content of its programs, but also because of the different languages that are spoken there. Listening to channels in a foreign language that you are learning is always the best way to improve your proficiency level.

And last but not least is the fact that TV has maintained its privileged position in the industry for more than 50 years. That is great proof that it is a great business and generates lots of employments, which is logically terrific.

All in all, I would say that the role of television in modern society has brought lots of advantages for people of all ages and all cultures. It is a good way to spend time, relax and keep informed.

Gabriela González

Klasse 12A-2010