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Iville, Llanogrande

Since 2000 a utopian town called “Iville” has been created around the lake Primavera in Llanogrande, Colombia. It’s a successful example of the New Urbanism Movement.

The creators wanted a town surrounded by parks and forests, where citizens could enjoy nature interact with each other and have everything they need such as a shopping center, a hospital, discos, a sports center, etc. in a very little city.

Iville is a town that allows citizens to walk ride bicycle or segway instead of using a car for transportation. Only electric vehicles are allowed to be used in Iville.

In addition, housing in Iville includes modern lake houses with solar panels in the roofs that make them self-sustainable. Furthermore each house has a garden and a wide view of the mountains and the natural park.

Recreation in Iville is one of the most important things for citizens. For instance there is a cultural center, a museum, a town hall where many parties are held, a vast variety of restaurants, bars, discos, a tennis court, a gym and many other things. “You never get bored in Iville; it’s just the perfect town”, says a local inhabitant. Education also plays an important role in the Iville structure. As a result, there are four schools in Iville, which consists of one elementary school, one middle school and 2 high schools.

Being that one of Iville’s main focuses is interaction and socializing amongst its inhabitants, strong relationships have been built since its creation. “I’ve lived here for four years and I have already made so many friends here that I never want to leave”, a citizen says. “It’s the most beautiful city I’ve ever seen”.

Laura Elisa Villegas, Sebastián Garcés,

Simón Villa, Catalina Vásquez, María Paulina Tieck

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