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Wonderland, the city of today

Ten years ago, the building of a new urbanistic began and it became a reality. Wonderland, located in the State of California, is a modern city made for the whole family.

According to the architect Simon Beckett, the city has a very efficient structure and zoning. “In our city, everything is connected by a street network that lightens even more the already light traffic.” That network connects the five different areas which are the residential, educational, commercial, recreational and the public services area. It has a round structure with a round point in the middle. “It’s a great meeting point for all the community because there’s a big central park on the round point. Most weekends there are events or concerts that are presented in the open air theater”

In addition, the quality of the education is one of the most recognized in the US. A survey made last month showed that 55% of the professionals graduated from Wonderland University (WU) already have a high level job at the age of 25. Richard, a resident of Wonderland, said, “My son went to Wonderland IB High school and then to WU. He now works at Siemens as a manager of the medical branch of the company.”

Wonderland is a very calm city with many options for recreation and recreation, which makes it a great place for your children to grow up. “It is the most pleasant city to live in,” Richard said.

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