Business Matters Fall 2018 - Page 35

The Shapiro study revealed that there is a distinct correlation between chamber membership and a company’s bottom line. Whether in the area of patronage frequency, favorability, or purchase intent, consumers tendencies lean heavily toward involved chamber members. Let’s look at a snapshot of the results. Relative to working with chamber members, consumers state they are: 36% more likely to think favorably of insurance companies 49% more likely to think favorably of a small business 80% more likely to purchase goods or services from the company in the future 68% more likely to eat at a franchise restaurant Small business is the backbone of America and the bulk of chamber memberships. The results for this segment are particularly striking. If a person knows that a small business is a member of the local chamber, the business will see a 49 percent increase in consumer favorability ratings, a 51 percent increase in consumer awareness, and an eighty percent (80%) increase in the likelihood of patronage. There are two keys to receiving the benefits of local chamber membership. First, a business has to be a member. Second, businesses must work internally and with their local chamber to make customers and potential customers aware of their affiliation. This means be active, be visible and proudly display your membership in the local chamber of commerce. Businesses large and small are always on the watch to ensure they are investing wisely and engaging in organizations and activities that are both productive and yield a good return. In short, membership in the local chamber of commerce is not a luxury item; it is an absolute necessity for all businesses seeking to navigate highly competitive marketplace and sometimes difficult economic waters. Chamber membership gives business a competitive edge in their daily work. Texas has some of the absolute best chambers of commerce in the nation. During Chamber of Commerce Week (October 15 – 19), stop in, say hello, and get involved today and ensure your future. UNITEDCORPUSCHRISTICHAMBER.COM 34