Business Matters Fall 2018 - Page 34

COMMUNITY COMMUNITY A OC VO CONNE CTIONS CHAMBER OF COMMERCE MEMBERSHIP AD YOUR CHAMBER OF COMMERCE YOUR CHAMBER OF COMMERCE PROSPERITY V AD CY CONNE CTIONS CA CELEBRATE TEXAS CHAMBER OF PROSPERITY CY CELEBRATE TEXAS CHAMBER OF COMMERCE WEEK A Great Business Investment OCTOBER 15-19 COMMERCE WEEK OCTOBER 15-19 TEXAS CHAMBERS: CONNECTING BUSINESSES & COMMUNITIES TO OPPORTUNITY T TEXAS CHAMBERS: CONNECTING BUSINESSES & COMMUNITIES TO OPPORTUNITY he great economic engine that is Texas keeps churning every day and because of the businesses that fuel it we as Texans enjoy great places to live, work and play. One key component in that engine is the local chamber of commerce. While often behind the scenes the work of the chamber helps support and create an environment in which businesses can thrive. Beyond the work of the chamber, however, there are incredible business benefits and a great business case for chamber of commerce membership. In the past, chambers have been viewed by some as socializing bodies where business people come together to network. Although still a valuable networking venue, today’s chamber is much more. In every arena from business advocacy, to economic and community development, to education and workforce development, chamber’s fight for business interest to ensure there is an environment in which they can thrive. A little known 33 CONTRIBUTED BY: AARON COX, CEO TEXAS CHAMBER OF COMMERCE EXECUTIVES BUSINESS MATTERS | FALL 2018 fact, however, is the impact local chambers have on “the business side of business”. Among these positive impacts are increased consumer confidence and patronage both of which are critical to business success. The Shapiro Group, an Atlanta based research firm surveyed 2,000 Americans and found that chamber membership causes consumers to see a business in a more positive light and increases the likelihood that they will shop or purchase services from chamber member businesses. Although these figures vary slightly amongst size of organization and industry sector, the fact remains that businesses that are members of their local chamber garner greater consumer credibility, trust, and loyalty than those that are not affiliated with the local chamber of commerce. Taking this notion a step further, the study found that the greater the level of involvement of the company in the local chamber (i.e. serving on the board, sponsoring events, etc.) the greater the benefits. A company that is highly involved with its local chamber sees that consumers are 10 percent more likely to think that its products stack up better against its competition and 19 percent are more likely to think favorably of the company in general.