Business Matters Fall 2018 - Page 27

The six city propositions total $96 million worth of projects in six categories: public improvements in streets; additional streets; parks and recreation improvements including senior centers and Cole Park; libraries and cultural facilities improvements including the Museum of Science & History and Art Museum of South Texas; public safety system and headquarters improvements; and public health facility improvements. Proposition A and B support street improvements. For a list of all street projects, click here. Prop A does not require a tax increase and includes over $52 million in street projects. Proposition B, which will require an increase of one cent, includes another $22 million in street projects. Propositions C, D, E and F, which focus on Parks & Recreation, Libraries and Cultural Facilities, Public Safety and Public Health respectively, each requires an increase in the City’s property tax rate for a total of another one cent. If all propositions are approved, property taxes will increase by 2 cents. For more information, click here. The City Council has also approved three other arterial street projects (portions of Everhart, Holly and Slough Road) that will be funded and begin in 2019 using the cash proceeds from the voter approved Type B Economic Development Sales approved by voters. “After a robust discussion, the Chamber leadership determined the investments in the projects within this bond referendum will be beneficial to the business community and critical to the needed rebuilding of our infrastructure throughout the city,” says Leah Olivarri, United Corpus Christi Chamber of Commerce Infrastructure Committee Chair. “We appreciate the City’s efforts to inform the business community of the City’s capital needs and the proposed referenda impact on both citizens and businesses," says Cleo Rodriguez, Jr., Chamber President and CEO. "We must invest in community resources to continue building a better city that attracts new businesses and investments. We believe that the City has proposed well-balanced investments in strategic initiative areas. Thank you to the Infrastructure Committee, the Chamber Residential Street Committee and the Board of Directors for their diligent work on behalf of the Chamber’s membership.” BOND 2018 SNAPSHOT Proposition A STREETS • $52 Million • 23 Projects • No Tax Increase Proposition B ADDITIONAL STREETS • $22 Million • 14 Projects • 1 Cent Tax Increase Proposition C PARKS & RECREATION • $5.6 Million • 7 Projects • 1/4 Cent Tax Increase Proposition D LIBRARIES & CULTURAL • $3.9 Million • 4 Projects • 1/5 Cent Tax Increase Proposition E PUBLIC SAFETY • $11.3 Million • 7 Projects • 1/2 Cent Tax Increase Proposition F PUBLIC HEALTH • $1.1 Million • 1 Project • 1/20 Cent Tax Increase BUILDING A BETTER CITY IT CAN’T HAPPEN WITHOUT YOU For an overview of City Bond 2018, and to review the full slate of propositions, click here! UNITEDCORPUSCHRISTICHAMBER.COM 26