Business Matters Fall 2018 - Page 26

T he United Chamber of Commerce has passed a resolution in support of ALL six of the City Bond propositions on the November ballot. This endorsement comes after long discussions and work with the City, in addition to careful consideration of the pocketbooks of business owners and residents. Our view is that improving our basic infrastructure – streets and certain primary city facilities – is vital to the economic development of our community. Poor infrastructure sends a bad message to potential investors and diminishes the value of our businesses and homes. Our work on these bond elections really began some years ago when we endorsed the 2016 bond ballot referendum and supported the concept of regular bond elections every two years to get us ahead, particularly on our street issues, Regular bond elections would create stability and continuity for contractors bidding on projects, increase competition to lower costs and normalize the work flow for the City’s engineering department. We have watched as the city has moved forward expeditiously with previously approved bond projects and the visible acceleration of street maintenance and spot repairs. All but a very few of the previously approved bond projects will be complete in 2019 weather permitting. These remaining projects were delayed due to external factors. For example, Morgan has been delayed pending completion of the Spohn Shoreline construction. A Chamber Committee, formed at the behest of Mayor McComb and led by Alan Wilson, looked closely at street issues focusing on residential streets. The proposed bonds (Proposition A) reflect part of this committee’s recommendations. 25 BUSINESS MATTERS | FALL 2018