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CHAMBERTHINK COLUMN TO KYPHO OR NOT TO KYPHO that is the question BY: JOHN P. MASCIALE, M.D. SOUTH TEXAS BONE & JOINT M any times the question is raised about what exactly spinal surgeons do. Of course the obvious answer is that spinal surgeons do surgery to the spine, treating those conditions, whether they relate to trauma, disease, or age-related changes that have resulted in loss of function and capacity of the spine to perform its job as the axis of human function. Your brain may house your thoughts, your emotions, your will, your hopes and dreams, but without a healthy spine in the center of it all, you will not have the capacity to function in a willful manner, and your dreams may turn into nightmares and sorrows. This is especially true in older individuals. The increasing number of "baby boomers" looking forward to their Golden years only to find that they must now contend with debilitating and handicapping musculoskeletal afflictions, many of which impact so substantially on the spine. Maybe, just maybe, your local spinal surgeon can help. JOHN M. BORKOWSKI, M.D. | FRANK A. LUCKAY, M.D. | RYAN B. THOMAS, M.D. | CHARLES W. BRECKENRIDGE, M.D. | JUSTIN KLIMISCH, M.D. JOHN P. MASCIALE, M.D. | DAWN M. GROSSER, M.D. | BERNARD M. SEGER, M.D.