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It ’ s amazing what snippets of information people will post on social media . As an investigator , I ’ ve been able to serve a subpoena when a man announced the address of a hot tub party he would be attending that night , find witnesses and birth parents , discredit false witness statements , etc . If an individual announces he / she was just released from jail or prison , you ’ ll be armed with enough information to take a pass or dig a little deeper .
If you aren ’ t Internet savvy , or don ’ t want to take the task on yourself , investigators are a great resource ; they are skilled at research , can give you a new perspective and hit the ground running . Background searches are high on the list of tasks we do regularly . Investing time or money into a background search before hiring someone can save you multiple future problems and stress .
As licensed investigators , we ’ re able to access information that the general pubic cannot . Depending on the nature of your business , you may want a complete background search , including former addresses , court searches , businesses , debt , etc .
Several years ago my office conducted a background search and discovered the man we were investigating had gone on a multi-state crime spree , and there weren ’ t many states he hadn ’ t been charged in . His scam was to target lonely women with money , which he then quickly disposed of , and then he ’ d leave town , often before they knew what had happened . He left a lot of misery and angry women in his wake . He may have continued on that path if his past hadn ’ t caught up with him .
are banking on employers being too lazy or busy to call . It ’ s amazing what people will tell you if you are friendly and ask nicely . Find your inner investigator or ask an investigator to make the calls for you .
I started my investigative business in 2000 , after working as a subcontract paralegal and investigator for lawyers and other investigative firms . My intention had been to go to law school , but the investigative work I did while in college was fun and fulfilling , so I changed course and have never regretted it . I get to meet interesting people , tell their stories and put pieces of puzzles together on a daily basis . I ’ m lucky to have a job I love and never take it or the people I work with for granted .
By Kelly Madsen www . madseninvestigations . com https :// www . facebook . com / madseninvestigations / Twitter : @ KellyMadsenPI
Madsen Investigations specializes in the investigation of criminal cases of all kinds , as well as civil and domestic litigation . We provided a broad range of services , including witness interviews and locates , skip tracing , asset searches , public records and database searches , courts searches , pre-employment and rental backgrounds , and searches of businesses and licensing databases .
In addition to online searches , pick up your phone and make calls to the references potential employees have listed . Sometimes people

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