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watch what everybody is doing, and then I go in for the attack. I don’t just do social media marketing I do Integrated market- ing techniques that put the whole package together for greater success. What I found in this group was young professional women who are masters of their niche, older women who have spent years gaining valuable wisdom in business, and everything in between. What a treasure trove of great content. I have spent the last two days learning about subjects that I would never have thought of researching for any of my magazines. And these powerful women are living the information every day. I also learned that I am great at taking a subject matter that is unique, and creating a twist on it to provide valuable and rel- evant information. I guess that is the publisher and the editor in me. So far, this article has been all about me, and I don’t enjoy talking about myself so I want to spend some time talking about networking and the core reason that Business Market- ing Magazine, Hot As Health, Elemental Garden Guide and Cassie Designs (all of my publications) are successful. They are based on a network. Even more now than ever before. Editor Christy Smith Publisher Dark Twin Marketing and Publications Sales Manager Dave Nilson Copyright 2017 All rights reserved, no part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or trans- mitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photo copy- ing, recording or otherwise with- out prior written permission of the publisher. The publisher has no responsibility for external websites of contributors and can make no guarantee that a site will remain live or that the con- tent is or will be legal or appropriate. The content in the magazine is re- searched to the best of the ability of The content that we offer is vital to the magazines because the staff. Due to the nature of con- without it we don’t have readers, and readers are the value. tributors, this magazine does no veri- fy any content submitted by external Although we do collect subscribers to the magazine, a free service, you can never have enough emails in the database. We writers. also rely on social networks to promote our articles. The more Every effort has been made to trace readers you have the more people that you can serve. all copyright holders, but if an y have The network, not just the women’s network, but networks at LinkedIn or Twitter, places like Facebook, Pinterest, Insta- gram and so many more. That is why they are called social networks. In this case, it was a network or like-minded busi- ness owners who with the power of togetherness, found a great place to promote themselves, find new followers, and support each other’s expertise. I am truly blessed. I want to give a shout out to all the incredible women in the group, and a shout out to networks of all kinds. It is time to pay it for- ward, bound together, and be in control of our destiny. r h C y t is been inadvertently overlooked, the publisher will include any necessary credits in any subsequent issues. Business Builder Guide is a Dark Twin Marketing publication. All correspondence and advertising request should be sent to Dark Twin Marketing P.O. Box 100 Hyrum, Utah 84319