Business Marketing Magazine Summer 2017 Summer2017 - Page 4

Publishers Note Publishers Note I learned a valuable lesson this week, one that I will never forget. Simply put, it is to never underestimate the power of women especially when they get together for the common cause and always go to the network. Let me explain. Business Marketing Magazine is dependent upon outside contributors for many of its articles. I love to write, but putting out a quarterly magazine becomes difficult for me to provide enough diverse information to bring value to my readers. Let’s face it even though my children tell me I am a know-it-all, I really don’t know anything else but marketing and publish- ing. Providing quality content is my number one goal for producing the magazine. I have worked for newspapers and magazines for over 15 years now and the stories that are produced, although written very well, are nothing but fluff. It is my professional belief that instead of writing articles that are all text, and about something that means nothing to anybody, makes for a failing industry. I wanted to change the mindset by creating a medium that is targeted to a specific end user. With articles that ask a relevant ques- tion and then answers in an entertaining way. My hope is that this gives both the articles and their contributors value, by putting the two together. And the last portion of great content is take away some of the text, which few people want to read at length and replace it with images, video, and even sound files if necessary. This gives our readers a great place for valuable information while providing it in an entertaining and easy format. Consider a prospective customer going to Google and looking for a great SEO expert. They are asked for a search word or phrase. Does anyone remember “Ask Jeeves”? One of the first search engines in the industry. They promoted their product by having you ask a question. Then they would go out and find you the best website for answers. They may have been the first to see the power within the human mind. Let’s get back to my lesson learned for the week. With another great issue of the magazine in the process of being released, I needed 3 more articles to put on the finishing touches and I was out of places to look. Since I had recently joined a woman owned business networking group, I was hoping to get to know some of the women in the state that are dealing with some of the same issues that I am. Being a woman over 40 in an industry where most companies think that for marketing to be successful you need to be young to know the trends. What these companies don’t understand is that the young are using the trends, but not studying the science behind them. That makes me a more powerful marketing expert. I research the facts, test the trends,