Business Marketing Magazine Summer 2017 Summer2017 - Page 37

titles and descriptions by using the NOODP directive. This mean change to the way you use content on your website. As far as DMOZ is considered, you no longer need to include the NOODP directive on your pag- es. Where do we go from here? It’s time to reevaluate the information on your website. If you own a blog it means going in and looking at the content and you aren’t important in your own local or national search results. Everything in SEO starts with your key- words. You can find them in marketing, URL’s and the pages of your website. I won’t get into keywords here, I have other articles that you are welcome to reference on this subject. What you need to know is what to do with your keywords, and how they affect your search ranking. What does your search Dark Twin Marketing - Be Your Own Publisher (Title Tag) This is your description. The more informative you are the better your chances are that your site will get a click through. Be intriguing enough to make them want to find out what happens on your page . the meta information on each post. If your website has an abundant amount of web pages, this could be a big adventure. Thanks to Google’s penguin, you will get credit on a per page basis. If you have ever spent time following my articles as an SEO author, I try to create SEO tools that are more available and user friendly for the small to medium business. Those companies that cannot afford high dollars to pay to large SEO companies. Just because you aren’t large, doesn’t mean ranking mean? Keywords are those words or phrases that are typed into the search bar on Google or any other favorite search engine. Your keywords are those that you hope to be found under. How does Google use keywords? When indexing websites Google has a sim- ple pattern, that is easy for you to follow.