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simple level habit change. How to set up a habit in 5 minutes or less. Step 1: Think of the goal you are trying to achieve and what small habit you can do ev- eryday to achieve that goal? Step 2: Define your habit. Make it small, easy and realistic. What are the Benefits of this habit? Is there any downside? Step 3: Think of how this habit fits into your daily routine. Does anything need to change to fit it in? Step 4: Imagine going through your day, see- ing, hearing, feeling as if you are doing the habit, and completing the task in your daily routine. All the way to the end of your day. Step 5: Repeat step 4 about six to eight times. Repetition is the key to making a new habit. This process will create that reminder system. Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) which recognizes how the brain codes information and how we tap into that code to help make updates and changes. NLP was developed in 1970 by psychology researchers who wanted to define a success model for change. What they identified was the brain’s coding system. 30 Tony Robbins has long used NLP and referenc- es the skills and tools in his best-selling books, Personal Po \[HX[][\˜Hܛ[Y[و\YYXH[˜]H[\[[وZ][܈8$B[\[H[\[HوHZ[˜[HX]]\[][ܘ[\قH]]X]XZ[ X][ܙX]HYXY[Y\ˈۘHH]HB˘\[\X\][XY˘BX]]\ H۸&]]H[X]] H\] ]\HYHX]][[[H[\[\8$ܙX]H[ܙHYXY[B[][[\ݙH[\H[O’\x&\H]ZX\(B\XZHH^\(B\܈H[B(BY\[[\[YH ^[\KBܝ\]B(BX[܈XK[XZ[܈[XZ[¸(B][]Y[H[YH](B\Y[܈Y\[¸(BX[[\[\ܚ\]H[وH^B]X][[H[ܜܘ]H[[\\KB\ܙX]HܙX]\X\K[\ݙHH\B܈Y[[[ܙX\H[\[YO”Y][Y\HYH]X]X]\B\H\H\]\]XY] X\™X\܈\]\Y][Y\]8&\\Y8&B\وYH[[H\وYH\۸&] &BZHH[[ۈۙH[\[H][ۈH\܈\HY\\][وXYK\[B[و8&Z[Z[[&HX\ \B\[[[H[HYK[HX][]\[[]\^\ق[ݚ[ܝ\[ܙH]ZXKYH\HX[ۈوX]ˈ[[[H]HZ[ۘ\ YH]X\Y\