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and stop 22 possibility of a yes in the very near future. I’ve seen particular sales reported on sales projec- Only 10% of sales people make more than tions for weeks and then months before the three contacts!! reality that it’s simply not going to happen finally sets in and the projection is removed to It can be disconcerting to discover that suc- the chagrin of the salesperson. Meanwhile, far cess in sales is in fact a numbers game! But too much time was invested in the “if-come” herein is where the mix of the ART and the – rather than in working towards a higher SCIENCE of the sales processes come together. probability sale with someone else that would have resulted in income. These statistics are demonstrative of the SCIENCE of the sale. In other words, as you do Here are some little tricks that will advance the left side of the equation you can be as- your progress towards success much fast- sured to receive the right side of the equation. er: (These are not in any specific order and When it comes to the sheer quantity of fol- are general in nature – but I’ve seen 100’s of low-ups required - do the ground work, take salespeople make gigantic strides with their the action, be proactive, JUST DO IT – and that application. will equal success. 1. When doing follow-ups in your office or Now the ART side of the sales process: As you cubie – stand up, look into a mirror, be ani- progress, if you remain teachable, reading mated and act like someone you’d be willing and studying along the way, you will get sig- to talk to…and don’t forget to smile. nificantly better and your personal numbers will improve - in a staggering way! Most likely, 2. Stay in touch with everyone. Google the there will come a time in your sales career – “MacKay 66” and begin to fill out this terrific if you don’t jump from product to product, loyalty building tool for each and every pros- or from company to company – when you’ll pect and customer you talk with. Don’t forget make a terrific living from the referrals of loyal or minimize the importance of remembering customers. And the statistics from that caliber birthdays, holidays and special events in the of lead follow-up is vastly better than 50-50 lives of your prospects and customers. Doing within a very short time, especially when a this with regularity will differentiate you radi- personal introduction is made on your behalf cally from your competition. by your loyal customer, who, by the way, has become a tremendous lifelong friend. 3. Be ‘LIKEABLE’ – Brian Tracy said that lik- ability is the single most important trait of One of the most difficult hurdles in this pro- successful salespeople. If you doubt this, think cess, early in the game, is to realize that a back in your own personal experience and ‘no’ is not a death knell! No’s are simply little ask yourself when you made your 2nd or 3rd bumps on the road to Yes! And our attitude purchase from someone that you disdained? when we receive a no MUST reflect the un- Realize that even in your favorite grocery store derstanding of the reality that often times you’ll wait for 2-3 people in front of you just it’s better to get a no and be able to move to be checked out by the checker that makes forward than it is to continually rely on the you feel appreciated and is like-able, even