Business Marketing Magazine Summer 2017 Summer2017 - Page 18

prefer package A or package B?” Words not to use with owls: “You don’t need to know that.” “How do you feel about that?” “This may be the best choice.” 18 really anything they find highly enjoyable. They often drive flashy cars with shiny wheels and unique noticeable features and colors. Their focus is on having a good time. Words to use with tigers: “You’ll love it!” “It’s the newest and the hottest.” “This technolo- gy is unmatched.” “You’ll have the best in the neighborhood.” Bulls are headstrong, assertive, they don’t mind confrontation. They are not going to show much fear or doubt. They want to be right, and they want to be respected. They are typically in positions such as coach, manager, Words not to use with tigers: “The device has physical trainer, and police officer. They typi- been statistically proven to…” “I need you to cally drive strong make sure you nev- loud vehicles like er forget to…” “I’m diesel trucks or supposed to show muscle cars. Their you the comprehen- typical focus is on sive details of the being right and on analysis.” being helpful to those in need. I regret that this is merely a teaser Words to use with article – for there bulls: “I need your is so much more to help!” “Listen the 4 personalities! boss, if you do this But this is a foun- for me, I’ll make dation. Consider – sure you have the “how would I adjust best.” “You’re ab- my current sales solutely right.” process to meet my customer’s person- Words not to use with bulls: “I disagree.” “Let ality-based needs?” It takes practice, but keep me help you.” “This is what you need.” these basics in mind and you’ll soon notice the dominant personality types of those in Tigers are spontaneous, flashy, and they your circle of influence and interaction. Try a love a great time. They have short attention few of these techniques. Stay tuned for fur- spans. They love high-tech and new things ther in-depth training on the 4 personality that will get them noticed by their neighbors types. It’s quite fun to see how well people and friends. They don’t typically care too respond when they feel appreciated, under- much about price. If they like you and you do stood, and are given a personally tailored a half-decent job they will buy from you. (A process. half-decent job in a tiger’s eyes is a fun, quick, simple, exciting sales process.) They are typ- ically in positions such as retail sales, IT, and